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Individual courses for officials


Looking for training in private, customized to your pace of learning for rapid progress? Looking for collaborative learning through relevant discussions on issues affecting your field and your organization? Are you highly motivated to master your second language requiring the support of an experienced and capable of stimulating language trainer?

Sign up for an individual course to receive the personalized assistance you need to achieve your language goals. Our teachers are moving to your workplace.


Group classes


During group sessions

Looking for a training group where the time is well distributed? Where the focus is on the interactions between learners and grounded in the principles of a dynamic collaborative learning environment? Looking for real progress? Trust the team In situ Language Services. Whether perfect English or French is the goal, our teachers will provide activities suited to the needs and professional interests of the participants.



PSC Exam Preparation Program


Whether you are preparing to pass the oral or written language exams, In situ Language Services offers training that targets your real and immediate needs. Let our experienced and dedicated teachers to guide you in preparing for PSC exams.




Learning Maintenance Program


Whether via individual lessons or group classes, it is advantageous for an organization and its employees to invest in a program of maintenance and consolidation of acquired language skills. The results? Bilingualism of your organization and your employees will be effective. Employees will be able to perform their tasks in their second language. They can attend meetings in their second language, interacting with colleagues or customers.  At In situ Language Services, we rely on former professors of the School of Public Service. These are specialists, trained to apply the latest adult learning principles, and able to support language training in a work environment. Their services include: assessment of training needs of the organization, assignment of teachers and teachers managing, learner assessments, group training, administrative support tasks (in addition teaching duties), scheduling, follow-up via emails with monthly attendance reports and regular progress reports..



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